We do not like to characterize our services as we work with clients to provide then with whatever resources they need in order to better manage their business.  These do, however, typically include the following:

1.    Establishing competitive base salary and total compensation levels taking into consideration a clients competitive market and               desired  competitive posture.
2.     Designing/modifying annual and long-term incentive compensation programs that are truly reflective of company performance either on an internal or relative external basis.
3.    Providing advice on executive benefit and perquisite plans.
4.    Performing proxy statement analyzes to better understand what types and competitors provide levels of compensation.
5.    Assisting in the preparation of the Compensation Disclosure and Analysis report for inclusion in the client's annual proxy statement.
6.    Acting as an ongoing resource to the compensation committee and board of directors.
7.    Working with executive management to assure that the objectives of the compensation committee are understood and are being followed.