Wiegman Associates is a boutique executive compensation consulting firm founded in 2000.  Our founding goals are relatively straightforward:
  1.  Continue to work hard and smart to become as important to our clients as they are to us.
  2.  Focus our business on a few things and do them unusually well.
  3.  Develop a small group of talented and dedicated professionals who will do exceptional work for our clients.
  4.  Achieve a level of business profitability sufficient to support a growing professional competence without  incurring the bloated overhead          of a larger firm.
  5.  Be recognized as much for our business ethics and personal integrity as for our know how.
  6.  Have fun.

We believe that these goals are best accomplished by working closely with a small group of clients over an extended period of time.  We do not employ "junior" professionals who use client assignments to learn their trade.  Rather, our clients have the benefit of the many years of experience of our consultants and their wisdom in developing solutions for significant business issues.